Materia Medica


I’ve started compiling an materia medica, or collection of herb profiles, here. Each herb profile will show up chronologically (when they are posted) in the blog on the main page, but there will also be a direct link here. I often go back and add information or edit older herb profiles, so this is a quick way to get to the right page. To find herbs that match a particular category or “symptom,” click on a tag below the herb list – I’ve done my best to thoroughly tag each entry to make finding matching herbs easy. If there is an herb listed that is not linked to a page, it means I am in the process of writing the monograph and it will (hopefully!) be posted soon.

Materia medicas vary in style and focus, so these pages are just how I have chosen to record information about each herb. Please make sure to consult your own references, the references provided at the end of the herb profile, as well as your medical professional for more information.